Cary Audio DMC 600se CD Player/DAC

If you still have a pile of CDs but want to move firmly towards the modern age, this may be the Cary Audio product for you. In addition to the disc spinner, the DMC 600se can stream via USB or aptX Bluetooth and you can also connect other digital sources via the various inputs on the back.

Like the DAC 200ts, there is DSD 64/128/256 and PCM up to 32/384 and the company's Trubit Upsampling, allowing you to choose between seven upsamping rates as well as a switch on the front panel for choosing between the tube or solo state output stages.

There are two versions available: the se version for $7,995 and the non-se version $5,995. Differentiating it from the DMC-600, the DMC-600SE utilizes super premium reference grade components within the analog output sections for further performance enhancements as well as a clock input for use with an external master clock for recording studios and professional or semi-professional use. Both available now.

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Move to the modern age? Lol. According to the latest Nielsen stats, poor old downloads are already on the way out. Seems people don't want them anymore. All that metadata clogging up your hard drive. Meanwhile, the physical world marches along: vinyl sales amaze again, SACD continues to lead the classical charts, and OOP CD prices are shooting up on Amazon.

So, if you still have an old hard drive stuffed with your aunty's old downloads, fear not. This machine can still play em.