Cary Audio AiOS Network Player/Streamer/DAC/Pre/Integrated

You have to wonder what gets into some of these otherwise normal audio companies like Cary. Did they just hire a twenty-something in the design department? Did the VP have an acid trip one weekend?

Regardless I love seeing them bust out of the rectangular metal box with stuff like the new AiOS (All-in-One System). The blurb sheet handed out at the show says the AiOS is designed for "a new age of music . . . one where simplicity, compactness, and aesthetics take precedence."

Inside is a network audio player combined with a preamp and 60 watt per channel class AB amplifier. There are also digital and analog outputs, separate subwoofer out, Bluetooth for using wireless headphones or speakers and AirPlay for Apple devices.

On the back is the ability to hook up NAS Drives, USB hard drives or sticks, SD cards, WiFI or Bluetooth sources, and all the other usual digital suspects.

The AiOS will be available around March/April at a retail price of $2,500. The side panels are available in a variety of standard and custom colors and you can adjust the display color to match.

Elsewhere in the room was the now shipping DMS-500 Network Audio Player ($4,995) shown last year, which does not include the amplification like the AiOS, but does have just about everything else for connectivity, tweaked to a higher level of performance.