CanJam be damned

Michel Plante, the President of Salon Son et Image, offered a pre-show glimpse of something new: the Personal Audio Zone, where visitors are free to try any of over 150 different pairs of headphones, representing nearly 30 different brands. During this morning’s setup, the ‘phones were being arranged on their tables in order of expense, from the $22 pair nearest the door to the $1600 pair at the far end of the room. Michel Plante said that he’s “trying to create a buzz about headphones, in order to attract younger listeners to the show,” and that he has made it as affordable as possible for headphone manufacturers to participate. (The Personal Audio Zone is staffed by SSI volunteers, not manufacturers or their reps.)

volvic's picture

What a nice idea...putting headphones under one roof and no sales reps and chairs so you can sit and listen.  

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Lotsa money to be made in headphones and related gear - mostly cash 'n' carry given the size and weight.

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Web page doesn't say what country? What City? Where can I go to try out these headphones?