Bud Fried Towers

Fried Audio (“Speakers of Truth”), out of Pontiac, Michigan, is on the scene with the Bud Fried Tower ($2995/pair), a handsome two-way, transmission line design. Manufactured in the US, the speaker is available in 10 finishes and uses a Hiquphon ferrofluid OW2 dome tweeter and two 7” Peerless Exclusive woofers. It has a rated sensitivity of 88dB, a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, and a claimed frequency response of 35Hz–20kHz, +/-3dB.

Partnered with Tube Research Labs amplification, a Wavelength DAC, and homemade cables, the Bud Fried speakers painted a very pretty picture, with good speed, fine imaging, and especially nice body and tone to female vocals and acoustic guitars.

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Now finally a decently priced set of speakers compared to what has been shown so far.You even get more drivers for your money too, but "speed" should be reserved for fast cars not describing speakers.

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Why not Johann Sebastian Bach? Bud Fried, the man, passed away 7 years ago. Did the "Bud Fried" company uncovered new "Bud Fried" designs in a cave somewhere? Or is it just a way to bring back a "name" for no-name speakers? 

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I heard that the late departed Mr Fried sent forth his plans via medium express