Bryston BDA-3 DAC and BOT-1 CD Transport

Bryston's latest DAC was on hand, and yes all of those buttons on the front represent the number of input options! In addition to the normal SPDIF, optical and USB inputs are four HDMI inputs for hooking up computer-based, SACD, Blu-ray and other "modern digital sources".

Bryston says the BDA-3 can handle up to 32/384 PCM and DSDx4 all processed in their native resolutions through to the custom discrete analog output section. Price will be somewhere around $3,200-3,300 and it should hit retailers by spring.

The BOT-1 rips CDs to internal RAM where the files are then read as if stored on a hard drive. Or ripped discs can be sent directly to NAS drives, organized into folders with meta data. Price will be between $800-900 when it is released in a couple months.

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Kudos to Bryston for adding HDMi, assuming they have pass through. My NAD M51 has this and it's a terrific feature that I use for all my video as well as from my iDevices (allowing dig/analog conversion and mirroring on TV from iPhone, for example).

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So want to know how the HDMI connection would be implemented, ie, direct connection to universal player such as Oppo, if successful would literally start a new transport / DAC trend.