Brinkmann Audio Nyquist D/A processor Specifications

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Description: Streaming digital-to-analog converter and headphone amplifier with tubed output stage. Tube complement: four Telefunken PCF803 (NOS, two per channel). Digital inputs: AES/EBU (XLR), S/PDIF (RCA), optical (TosLink), Ethernet (RJ45), USB Type B (high-resolution audio). Analog outputs: balanced (XLR), single-ended (RCA). Formats supported: MQA and PCM up to 384kHz (DXD), DSD64 and DSD128 via DoP (DSD over PCM), DSD256 natively. Frequency response: N/A. THD, I/M: <0.01%. Signal/noise: >100dBA. Channel separation: N/S. Maximum output voltage: ±12V (balanced). Analog output impedance: 10 ohms, balanced.
Dimensions: Nyquist: 16.5" (420mm) W by 3.75" (95mm) H by 12.2" (310mm) D. Weight: 26.5 lbs (12kg). Power supply: 4.75" (120mm) W by 3.2" (80mm) H by 6.3" (160mm) D. Weight: 7.1 lbs (3.2kg). Granite base: 26.5 lbs (12kg).
Serial number of unit reviewed: 7N009A.
Price: $18,000. Approximate number of dealers: Not disclosed. Warranty: 3 years, parts & labor (not including shipping to and from factory).
Manufacturer: Brinkmann Audio GmbH, Im Himmelreich 13, D-88147 Achberg, Germany. Tel: (49) (0)8380-98115. Fax: (49) 8380-981233. Web: US distributor: Brinkmann USA. Web:

Brinkmann Audio GmbH
US distributor: Brinkmann USA

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So it turns out after a couple decades, the the missing ingredients that made unmusical digital so cold, harsh and sterile were:
Low frequency distortion and random noise added at playback and then a nice little dose of High frequency anharmonic aliasing distortion "fold"/embedded into the audio band during the encoding stage.
Cool ;-).

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... an Explorer2 DAC from Meridian can perform MQA decoding.
For that tube-y "analog" sound quality, run the output of the DAC through a iFi Micro iTube2 - which is available for under $400.
What, then, does one get for the extra $17K+.

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With no HDMI input a high resolution DAC is pretty useless. How can you use it for Blu-ray audio or SACD/DVDA?

7ryder's picture

I think you answered your own question - you don't.

rwwear's picture

Never ask a question you don't already know the answer to.

It does seem like a lot of over engineering for little gain.

doak's picture

Why would one want to feed this with a disk player??

rwwear's picture

Why even build such a device if only to use with streaming or computer audio? The best audio is still from high resolution discs like Blu-ray audio or SACD/DVDA. DVDA and Blu-ray are on the rise for reissues of classic and modern music. There's lots of music being reissued on DVDA and Blu-ray.
Most of everything I purchase goes directly to the computer using JRiver and streamed throughout the house. Some are high res downloads. It sounds great but for high resolution audio, there's better.

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Also, did you listen Mk2?

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Last week I had the Nyquist for 4 days at my home to see if I can get more out of my valued CD collection (I don't care for highrez cause I can't hear much difference - maybe my ears are too dull for this stuff...). Well, Miles horn was actually smoother compared to my Eera Integral CD-player but Jacquelines cello was much less full-bodied. And for most CDs the difference was very small and one couldn't really tell which one was actually better. So I invested my good money rather in a Kondo preamp - this was a real revelation!!!