B.M.C.—Stage III—Tandem

John Atkinson reported on B.M.C.’s new Arcadia loudspeaker ($36,300/pair) from January’s CES. But B.M.C.’s Carlos Candeias has already upgraded his design with SpeakON connectors between the outboard crossovers and the speaker cabinets, improved internal wiring, and a revised magnet construction in the midrange drivers. In addition, the speaker’s spikes now screw directly into the speaker’s base for better grounding. The changes come at no additional cost. “We improved the model, but that doesn’t always mean you have to raise the price,” said Candeias.

The speakers were partnered with B.M.C.’s physically impressive AMP M1 monoblocks ($15,580/pair), BDC1 belt-drive CD player ($5990), and DAC1 PRE DAC/preamp ($6290). Cables were from Stage III. The three-shelf equipment rack is Tandem’s Statement ($16,100). Aaudio Imports’ Brian Ackerman explained that the rack uses a mechanical-grounding design to achieve a fast, clean, solid sound. Inside each shelf is an aluminum frame, while carefully positioned pieces of wood are used to channel energy out of the system. The rack is handmade in Greece and comes in eight standard finishes, but is also available in any custom wood finish.

Listening to a sexy, guitar-driven blues track, I noted three-dimensional images that were solidly and effortlessly hung in a large soundstage, top-to-bottom clarity and control, good momentum and flow, and big dynamic swings. Cool beans.