Ballad of the Red Glasses

My audiophile doppelganger, Music Hall’s Leland Leard, brought props to RMAF—a pair of bright, red glasses and a stuffed kitty cat doll—and asked attendees to smile for the camera.

I can’t help wonder whether one’s truest self is revealed when donning the bright, red glasses. Or, I suppose, while petting the kitty.

My thanks to Leland for the photos, the music, the good times. And my apologies for the lack of captions: Names have been withheld to protect the innocent. Or perhaps because I simply don’t know them.

Please feel free to supply your own captions.
The End.

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Men, not so much.


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I clearly missed out on the best part of the show. 

Stephen, don't listen to what anyone says. You look fabulous in red glasses!

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I think kitty is the mascot of Weber State University-- Ray Kimber was pitching them with discs of Fan-Ya Lin, the extraordinary pianist who is studying at Weber...and whom is shown in the pics above--with kitty but sans specs, sadly!

BTW: I thought I knew every babe at the show--leave it to Leard to discover a few new ones! ;->

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Psyched Leland sent these in!  I actually took the pic of him in front of the Audeze booth w/ the two girls kissing (as he said) his "pussy"!  He's salt of the earth.  Known him and Roy for year, and I can wholeheartedly say they're some of the Good Guys.

I look forward to more events like Arnolds Where Else party!  In Newport the mixer worked! LOL -   I couldn't monitor my vinyl levels (couldn't bring the master up above -20db without the amp cuttin - so when you're used to cueing-up and mixing vinyl at 0db - it got frustrating) - and I took it personal.  I shoulda just dropped cool records and forgot beatmatching and blending!  It wasn't a club!  I got too caught up in all that and that's my fault - I think the people at Newport already had some alcohol flowing too.  We started early.  AND, I forgot it wasn't a club (had to say it again).  SO glad Nkki played CDs.  That was the only night ever where I wished I spun CDs!!  Alex Rosson rocked it live.  Nikki did too.

I'm honored to lead the list of the red glasses crew - as there are some terrific people pictured here.

Jason: Yes you missed some house music!  

Overall I'm just proud Arnold has been trying to bring our scene to the Hifi community!  Next time it will all be tight!!  ThanX to  Arnold for his enthusiasm, and Leland for making me smile as ALWAYS.


Michael Mercer

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Screw Hifi:

Who are the hotties??? Love the dark haired beauty with the short hair. Scrumptious.

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she was very cool.

That was DJ Nikki (forget her last name)

she spun a fun set too