Babyjdrums Classic Vinyl and Audio

Jason Smith of Babyjdrums Classic Vinyl and Audio had tons of classical LPs for sale, almost all in pristine condition (many were even sealed), and at bargain basement prices. Smith also sells hi-fi out of his home; his brands include PTE, Musical Surroundings, Denon, Soundsmith, and Synergistic Research. And he’s a drummer, on tour this summer with the Albert Lee Band.

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I scored a test pressing of Ethel Merman's 1979 disco LP there. Sweet. Cleared several rooms with that one...

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I am jealous.

Someday we must try an experiment. You play Ethel Merman's Disco OD in one room, I'll play Maria Callas jumping off the parapet in another, and we'll see which clears the room faster. Oh, even better, how about excerpts from Alban Berg's Wozzeck?