Ayre's AX-5 integrated amplifier: cool, cool, cool

Ah-ha! I found a picture of the gear in the fantastic Ayre room.

A MacBook Pro running Pure Music delivered signals to Ayre’s DX-5 universal player. The amplifier was Ayre’s interesting, new, 125Wpc AX-5. Speakers were Vivid Audio’s Giya G3. Cables were by AudioQuest.

The AX-5’s price hasn’t been determined, but Ayre is shooting for under $10,000. Units should ship by December.

My notes read: cool, cool, cool.

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Uhhhhhhhh whatever.

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Johnny: I've read enough of your posts to be certain about one thing: If you don't like it, it's got to be cool.

Thanks for reading.

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LOL, good one Stephen.

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So impressed. Funny how I'm not alone in my assesment of your posts though. Have fun believing your own BS PMSL

"My mom says I'm cool".....Millhouse

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The Vivid Giya G3s were, as always, absolutely wonderful.

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One of the best things I've noticed is the resurgence of the integrated amplifier.  I love the simplicity and its combination with this level of speaker design is unremarkable.

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"Cool" stuff Stephen! Keep it coming.


By the way, whose toes did you step on lately, or maybe spilled a drink on?

I wish I could have been there... :)

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What's not to love? 

Happy Listener! ;^)>

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After visiting several other rooms where the music was either too loud or border-lined strident because of system component issues, this room was an instant relief.  It produced very musical sound reproduction, even if it was set up "backwards" (i.e., along the long wall with a VERY shallow, near-field listening arrangement.  Very enjoyable!