Aurender N100 Network Player

Though the company calls the N100 a server in one of their press releases (not in the brochure luckily), I tend to think of these types of products as network players, since it does not have a built-in drive for storing music and relies on NAS drives on a network. Nonetheless, the N100, which retails for $2,499, looks very promising and will be available this month. Another version called the N100S with 1TB internal storage (thus making it truly a server) was also announced, though there was no price at press time.

Inside is a 120GB SSD for caching playback from the network, full linear power supply and USB 2 output on back to send the stream to your DAC. The svelte component can sit on top of Aurender's X725 DAC/Amp to make a nice little system they call the N-PAC. The player is Tidal-ready and is controlled by the company's very nice app.

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The 1TB SSD option will cost in the $500 range. This is in addition to the 120GB SSD for caching.

Brian Walsh
Essential Audio
Aurender dealer