Today I’ve been enjoying Ring, the recent album from Cameron Mesirow (aka Glasser), and it led me to this enchanting piece of art:

The Auerglass is a two person pump organ created by Tauba Auerbach and Cameron Mesirow. The instrument cannot be played alone. Each player has alternating notes of a four-octave scale. Each player must pump to supply the wind to the other player’s notes. The composition is half scored and half improvised, therefore each performance is different.

The Auerglass organ was constructed by Parsons Pipe Organ Builders in Canandaigua, New York. I am in love.

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For me, sometimes the concept ruins the tune. Not here, that is cool, and somehow touching.

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Utterly astonishing. The design of the instrument is total genius. Their music, beauty, legs, shoes and movements are erotic, and arresting. An intellectual threesome of sorts, but to deny its sexiness is to be dead. Just wow.