AudioQuest Dealer Event in New Mexico Saturday

Saturday, July 23, 10am–12pm: Constellation Home Electronics (215 North Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe) will host a digital-audio seminar and listening event designed to equip music enthusiasts with the tools needed to understand, embrace, and optimize digital-audio playback systems.

David Ellington of AudioQuest will be on hand to conduct shared listening evaluations using a wide array of high-performance digital-audio cables and components. For more info, visit the Constellation website or call (505) 983-9988. RSVP here.

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I have a fairly large LP/CD library. My turntable desperately needs upgrading but I have a very good disc player. I have tried to get into the digital download scene but I have issues. Replacing my physical media library with a farm of HDD's seems like a bit of a sideways shift. These files are enormous, one FLAC 192/24 album download is over 5 GB. The other issue is cost. HD Tracks asks quite a premium for one of their hi-res downloads. Tough for me to swallow when I can get mint condition used LP's, SACD's, DVD-A's, and what-not from sites like Discogs. What am I missing?

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nothing much. perhaps the WAF (wife acceptance factor): compare 1 2.5"hdd vs 1 shelf of LPs (if not more than that).
My approach is to get new releases preferably on High Res for PC playback, and scan new CDs straight away to enable playback from the same source.
But then I play music from all sorts of sources, actually less often from PC, but most frequently from Spotify (via ipad & dac) which is probably what you really are missing out on: the gigantic library: though sound is not on par with prime sources, the access to everything and more *is* great fun.