Audioengine A2+ desktop loudspeaker

Audioengine’s A2+ will offer several attractive upgrades over the original A2, including a built-in 16-bit DAC, RCA output, beefier binding posts, a revised power supply, a mini-XLR power connector, and improved bass response. While the original A2 sold for a crazily attractive $199/pair, the A2+ should sell for $249/pair—sweet.

The Audioengine A2+ should be available in about three months. I think it’ll look really nice on my new desktop. Ms. Little might even like it.

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I've always been partial to powered speakers for desktops and bookshelves.  I would even be partial to powered floor speakers, though I haven't come across any.  I guess that's because I failed to use Google.

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But do they come in red?

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Only black and white -- like some cats I know.

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Does the USB input on the rear panel indicate an inbuilt DAC?

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Cool. While I doubt the DAC is up to much at that price, it would make the speakers a convenient, space saving all-in-one upgrade to my laptop speakers at a great price.

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Does the newest iPad's connector also work as a line out? What should I use to connect it to the A2+? Who's making that cord right now?