Audioengine’s New A5+ and D1 DAC

Audioengine’s new A5+ ($399/pair in gloss black and white; add $70/pair for bamboo) adds a remote control, RCA and mini-jack inputs, a rear-panel USB charge port, rear-panel heatsink, upgraded speaker binding posts, and a variable preamp audio output. In addition, the A5’s large circular ports have been replaced by narrow slotted ports, said to provide a smoother, cleaner low end. (Who doesn't want that?)

And I thought the A5 had a smooth, clean low end to begin with! If you haven't heard Audioengine's line of powered loudspeakers, now's a great time to check them out. They look and sound great. (Girls love them, too. Natalie owns a pair.)

Meanwhile, Audioengine’s new D1 24/96 DAC ($169) offers USB and optical S/PDIF inputs, has a headphone output, and is cute as heck.

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Audioengine loaned me a pair of 5+ powered speakers to use for my seminar on loudspeakers Sunday morning of the Show. They did a fine job of allowing me to play for the audience the sounds of some of the more pathological examples of measured speaker misbehavior.


Thanks Audioengine.


John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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I'm LOVIN the new A5+ (especially the RCA INPUT as well as output - previous version only had a stereo-mini input)!!  The variable output is also key for subwoofer integration.  The new DACs just arrived too - so I'm anxious to sink my ears into those!!!!

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I owned a pair of audioengine 2's for a while, and loved them; can't wait to see reviews on the DAC. I'd like to see some reviews about how it stacks up against Nuforce and other competition in the price range.