AudioCon-June in SoCal Saturday & Sunday

Following the last-minute cancellation of the 2018 Los Angeles Audio Show, scheduled to be held this coming weekend in Irvine, two Southern California audio retailers have stepped into the breach with AudioCon-June. Jason Lord of The Source A/V Design Group (3035 Kashiwa Street, Suite 101, Torrance, CA 90505. Tel: (310) 534-9900) and Sunil Merchant of Sunny's Components (1370 E. Cypress St, Covina, CA 91724. Tel: (626) 966-6259) are holding weekend-long free events. The events run 10am–6pm on Saturday June 9 and Sunday June 10 and you can find full information here and here.

Special events at The Source AV Design Group, who will be exhibiting the exact system McIntosh had intended to show at the LAAS, will be McMasters for the consumer and The McIntosh Clinic, which will perform evaluation services on amplifiers and preamplifiers (you must register for these exhibits by contacting Wayne at (310) 534-9900 or by emailing Sunny's will be featuring a Live MQA Performance presented by MQA's Ken Forsythe. MQA Live takes place 11.00am–12.00pm. Other attractions at Sunny's include Gary Dayton from Bryston Electronics, who will be presenting a complete Bryston system with either DALI Rubicon 8 or Aerial Acoustics 7T speakers from 1.30–2.00pm; Bill Voss from Technics will be demonstrating both the Technics SL-1000 and the SP-10R turntables with a system featuring Audio Research electronics, including the Reference 10 phono stage and preamplifier, with Wilson Audio Yvette speakers from 2.00–2.30pm; Anthony Chiarella from Brinkmann Electronics will be introducing six new products in a system featuring HRS RXR Racks, AudioQuest cables, and Wilson Alexia Series 2 speakers. T+A, MSB, and AudioQuest will also be presenting new products.

There will be AudioCon raffles at The Source A/V each day at 4:30pm, with all monies benefiting the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society. Saturday, attendees will have a chance to win a $1800 McIntosh MCLK12 Clock and on Sunday the prize will be a pair of $899.99/pair Sonus Faber Chameleon B bookshelf speakers. The drawing takes place at 4:30pm each day and attendees must be present to win. Attendees at Sunny's Components will have a chance to win a complete interconnect and speaker cable package from Audience. The drawing takes place at 4:45pm each day.

Anton's picture

I wonder if they will present Marine with a plaque....or maybe a T-shirt.

georgehifi's picture

How on earth does one get all those drivers to behave in perfect unison like they were one, without any smearing???

Cheers George

Anton's picture

Any speaker with more than one driver faces this issue.

Even a large full range electrostatic panel faces this issue.

Time alignment is a bastard.

georgehifi's picture

Yeah it's not just "time alignment" to the listeners ear being at different distances, but it's the mechanical/electrical properties of each driver having to be absolutely identical.
Just seems like like their going for the wow factor of having a barrage of drivers looking at you, that are probably just cheap rubbish drivers in their own right anyway.

Cheers George

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Moral direction is returning. I’m hopeful.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

With so many drivers (in the same frequency range) IMD (at the ear level) could also be a problem ............

ok's picture

I always wondered why most technical reviewers never undertook the task of measuring actual speaker distortion – and there's a whole lot of it out there..

m-sevs's picture

I have to wonder: a Freudian slip?

dalethorn's picture

No, it's a normal suffix for large events. I have friends who attend venues like Comic-Con etc.

rt66indierock's picture

I prefer events like the 34th Chaos Communication Congress myself. But I was mentioned briefly at it last year.

RH's picture

I suspect that those who are cynical about the nature of High End Audio will take some ironic pleasure in the name of this show ;-)

rt66indierock's picture

You should have seen the size of the cables at T.H.E. Show last week. My bet was put it all cable in one hotel room and see if a non-cynical audiophile could get out in less than five minutes.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Only the people who can lift those 500 pound amplifiers and 10,000 pound loudspeakers single handedly are allowed to stay in that cable filled room ............

hifiluver's picture help with removal to the rubbish tip.