Audio Artistry CBT36

John Atkinson reported on Don Keele’s unusual constant-directivity CBT36 loudspeaker from last year’s Rocky Mountain Audiofest. At T.H.E. Show Newport, Keele and Marshall Kay, president of Audio Artistry, purposefully created an “economy system” (an iPad running Media Monkey, Benchmark DAC1, Crown preamp, ATI amplifier, Behringer DSP processor) to show how well the speaker could perform under sub-optimal conditions.

The sound was clean, clear, and dynamic, with well-controlled bass and well-extended highs. Most impressive to me, the sound remained consistent regardless of where in the room I sat or how close to the speakers I stood—a fun party trick. Including the DSP, the fully finished CBT36 is available now from Audio Artistry for $6500/pair.

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Hi Stephen:

I couldn't find a web site for Audio Artistry?

Any links?



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anomaly7 wrote:
I couldn't find a web site for Audio Artistry? is working okay.

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