Audio Alternative (take 2)

In a second Audio Alternative room, I was again treated to that old, familiar Boz Scaggs classic, “Thanks to You.” I had just come from the Fidelis AV room, where I had heard the song presented with impressive speed, precision, and clarity, the sound still fresh in my mind. So, I was surprised to hear something different.

Here, through a system comprising Vandersteen Quattro loudspeakers; Audio Research’s shiny new, KT120-based, 75Wpc Reference 75 stereo amplifier ($9000), Ref5 SE preamp, and DAC8 DAC; a computer streaming, via USB, a standard CD rip; and all AudioQuest cabling, I heard a different sound. I heard a soothing, comforting sound that did not lack impact, detail, or clarity. It was softer, but not slower. It was less forward, but no less distinct.

I liked it.

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Enough with the Stereophile Glossary definitions. I really love how you manage to flip flop back and forth "describing" the sound and in the end saying nothing much at all.

"Tastes great"......"Less filling".........."You got chocolate in my peanut butter"........"You got peanut butter on my chocolate"........and so forth and so on blah blah blah.