B&W DM-6 loudspeaker Specifications

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Description: Dynamic, three-way, floorstanding loudspeaker with adjustable high and midrange level and low-range contour control. Drive-units: ¾" dome tweeter, 6" Kevlar-cone midrange unit, 10" Bextrene-cone woofer. Crossover frequencies: 500Hz, 5kHz. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Maximum amplifier power: 350W; system fused for 50W watts sinewave, tweeter fused for 72W sinewave.
Dimensions: 36.6" total H by 16.2" W'by 15" D.
Serial numbers of review samples: 3555 & 3556.
Price; $1190/pair (1977); no longer available (2015).
Manufacturer: B&W Loudspeakers, Worthing, West Sussex, England. Web: www.bowers-wilkins.co.uk. US Distributor: Anglo-American Audio Co., Inc., Buffalo, NY 14240 (1977); B&W Group North America, 54 Concord Street, North Reading, MA 01864 (2015). Tel: (978) 664-2870. Fax: (978) 664-4109. Web: www.bowers-wilkins.com.

B&W Loudspeakers
54 Concord Street
North Reading, MA 01864
(978) 664-2870

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back in the 70's. Bought them to replace the IMF Studio III's that I had owned and could never warm up to. No contest. The B&W's were so much cleaner sounding and so much more refined. I moved on to 801's some years later, but I always had a soft spot for the "pregnant robots" as they were referred to back then. Heard a pair of DM6's recently, and was still impressed with their smooth, pleasant sound quality.