Anything from the recent CES pique your interest?

Anything from the recent CES pique your interest?
Yes, here it is
68% (19 votes)
Not really
32% (9 votes)
Total votes: 28

A wide variety of audio products, from portable to extreme, are announced every year at the Consumer Electronics Show. Anything from the recent CES pique your interest?

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

All of what I want just "piques" my already tight post-holidays wallet.

Woody Battle's picture

The Thiel CS3.7. The Thiel CS3.6 was a cost/performance standard for over a decade but is long overdue for an update. The New CS3.7 looks to be a worthy successor. It will be interesting to see how long it takes Thiel to incorporate the new technology for the CS3.7 into their other models.

Jerome's picture

Quad's latest.

C.  Healthgut, M.D., FACS's picture

I'm afraid I can't break up the two--I was intensely "piqued" by the sound, looks and feel of the Krell Evolution 1 amp and Evolution preamp. I hope to see a review of this most worthy pair in an upcoming Stereophile issue.

Robert's picture

Soundsmith's strain-gauge phono cartridge.

Craig's picture

First hand experience at the show might allow me to tick off the "Yes, here it is choice." Without that, "Not really" is really the only choice.

Jan P's picture

The Zu Druids. Reasonably priced, quality, high efficiency (101db) speakers may give us audiophiles an exciting new option.

Blue Mikey's picture

John Curl's stuff, and anything Anthony Gallo does.

Carlos E.Bauza's picture

The strain-guage phono cartridge by Soundsmith. Intriguing.

JCS's picture

Thiel 3.7 speakers - got to hear them!

JML's picture

The new little Wilsons and the new products from Bryston.

JKnox's picture

The new Krell components. Wish I could afford them! 1080p HDTV's 600 channels and nothing to watch!

John Lawrence's picture

Sonic Impact's things, especially their new digital amps, which have made a splash with the DIY and budget crowd. Im excited to see that Stereophile has taken note of them. Maybe Stereophile will quicky review the T-amp.

Beto's picture

The "Swedish Statement" system. The ballpark figure of $400K alone for all components of this cost-no-object system leaves you pondering how true their claims are. Waiting for the reports of the lucky few who made it to CES, though.

Bill Eichengrun's picture

Grand Prix Audio turntable.

stephen sweigart's picture

ARC PH7 phono preamp.

Monty's picture

The affordable stuff piqued my interest. YBA's new gear in particular. The expensive stuff was interesting and awesome, but I have very little interest (other than getting a little insight into the manufacturer) in seeing Stereophile devote much deadtree space on these sorts of things.

Tube guy's picture

Zu Druid Mk4 speakers: 101 dB sensitivity @ 12 ohms. Oh, the SET possibilities for these speakers do look enticing!

Bill Crane's picture

The Cabasse

audio-sleuth's picture

The strain-guage cartridge in the Joseph Audio room.

Hastings's picture

I'm very interested in the music server products you covered. I have a dedicated Apple computer using iTunes to run uncompressed music ripped from my CDs in our main system. It sounds great, but I'm sure it could be tweaked to sound even better. I'm not interested in downloading files, but just finding better servers and software for organizing my library.