Added to the Archives This Week

We begin with a January 1993 article from Robert Harley called The Jitter Game. RH explains, "Clock jitter is a serious and underestimated source of sonic degradation in digital audio. Only recently has jitter begun to get the attention it deserves, both by high-end designers and audio academics."

From his December 1990 "As We See It," Harley discusses Digital Sound and a groundbreaking paper presented to the AES by Dr. Roger Lagadec. "Dr. Lagadec challenges the conventional wisdom that requantizing a digital audio signal with a digital fader produces only a change in level accompanied by a slight noise increase," reveals Harley.

Next, we have John Atkinson reviewing an early example of Bitstream DAC engineering, the Meridian 208 CD player/preamplifier. JA notes, "Very rapidly, however, once designers had tried the Bitstream approach, it became apparent that, correctly implemented, it could surpass traditional D/A conversion in the preservation of low-level detail."

Finally, we have John Atkinson's "As We See It" from the February 1997 issue: Professional Headroom. JA waxes eloquent about the recording engineers of the 1950s and '60s, noting that "a wrong turn was taken somewhere in the '70s."