Added to the Archives This Week

"Size does matter," John Atkinson discovers, as he fits the Shure E3c in-ear headphones into his ears. Once fitted, JA hooks the mini "cans" up to his iPod and PowerBook to discover how much audiophile sound a little set of ear buds can produce.

Art Dudley notes in "Listening #17" that "literally everything in the DNM 3-C preamplifier that isn't meant to conduct electricity is made of plastic." AD listens to the 3-C as well as the DNM PA3-S power amplifier to uncover the sonic attributes of the company's uncommon designs.

Kalman Rubinson takes two multichannel disc players for a spin and wires up a multichannel preamp in "Music In The Round #5." "There are so many new multichannel hardware goodies to talk about that we need this bonus appearance of the column just to keep up," comments KR.

Finally, we have John Marks' "The Fifth Element #23." JM reports, "I have been musing on Bruce Springsteen quite a bit in recent months," before launching into an appraisal of the singer/songwriter's career as seen through a couple of recent video releases and the words of others.