Added to the Archives This Week

The marque may be gone, but Proceed's PAV audio/video preamplifier is not forgotten. In 1994, Thomas J. Norton examined the breakthrough the PAV represented, stating, "It was inevitable that traditional high-end audio manufacturers would begin producing equipment for the fast-growing home-theater market."

Both J. Gordon Holt and Anthony H. Cordesman tackle the Audio Research SP-11 preamplifier, which represented a milestone for the company back in the mid '80s. JGH notes, "The control lineup on the SP-11 is awesome." And then there is the sound, which gets JGH hopping: "Sometimes I stand up and wave my arms in time with the music and shout the way some well-known conductors are known to do."

After John Marks intitially reviewed the Grace 901 headphone amplifier, John Atkinson got his own hands on it for another round. His followup from this month confirms JM's findings and then some.

Back in 1986, audiophiles were not too happy with the prospects of digital. J. Gordon Holt responded with "Give CD a Chance, " noting, "Every technological advance in sound reproduction has been hailed as 'unmusical,' 'unnatural,' and 'contrary to God's law.'"

Finally, the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives, Recording of May 1994: Gershwin: Original Works and Transcriptions for Solo Piano. Gershwin without the orchestra? The late Igor Kipnis says, "Let me hasten to assure you that I have never heard a more effective or stylish treatment than this one here."