Added to the Archives This Week

Spring typically sees Stereophile release its coveted "Records To Die For" feature, wherein everybody working for the magazine gets to make like a music critic and add their two cents about what gets them excited (musically speaking). R2D4 2000 is on newsstands right now, in the February issue of Stereophile; to commemorate its publication, we add the 1999 "Records To Die For" to the online archives.

Also this week, Jonathan Scull attacks the dreaded ground loop in "Fine Tunes" #10. Here's how J-10 concludes his primer: "I believe we can now say that you have a basic grounding in this vexing subject. badaBOOM! (It's been a while . . . )" Also included are some pertinent letters from readers, including a highly informative report from an audiophile electrician.