Added to the Archives This Week

Robert Deutsch warms up the Audiopax Model Eighty Eight monoblock power amplifier to hear what famed Brazilian designer Eduardo de Lima has to offer. Deutsch notes, "The Audiopax Model Eighty Eight represents the latest refinement of de Lima's thinking about power amplifiers."

Next, J. Gordon Holt gets his hands on the Audio Research SDP1 multichannel music processor. Holt exclaims, "For those of us who have succumbed to the enticements of surround sound for music, Audio Research's SDP1 is both vindication and cause for rejoicing."

Starting in 1968, JGH began his relationship with the classic Infinity Servo-Statik 1 loudspeaker. Over the years, he added more comments, culminating with his final review in 1975 using, among other albums, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon to reach his conclusions!

So where should you put the money in your audio system? Larry Archibald tackles this issue with Expensive Electronics/Inexpensive Speakers?. Archibald unveils his spending formula for balancing a system for sound.

Finally, the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives, Recording of February 1995: Two Sides to Every Story. Thomas Conrad declares, "In recorded music, the artistic merit of the music is not entirely separable from the sonic quality of the recording."