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Is there really a benefit to those pointy feet you have? Jonathan Scull has been surfing the Internet for cone-footer tweaks and theories and reveals his latest haul of hot finds in Fine Tunes #32.

NHT released its flagship model 3.3 several years back to great acclaim. But at $4000/pair, the price and size of the speaker were a bit much for many audiophiles. As Tom Norton notes: "Enter the NHT 2.9 loudspeaker. It resembles the 3.3 to a remarkable degree, offers much of what the larger loudspeaker does, comes in a more manageable size, and costs a lot less money." Norton works hard to determine if the 2.9 really is a bargain.

From November 1998, we find Chip Stern lauding the Joseph Audio RM22si Signature loudspeaker. As Stern writes, "When I first encountered the RM22si at the 1998 CES, I was immediately captivated by its big sound and modest physical dimensions." After spending several months with the speakers in his home, Stern cooks up a complete serving of sonic insights into the RM22si's performance.