Added to the Archives This Week

"It costs as much as a car—and not a used jalopy, either," remarks Michael Fremer. "That's what goes through your head as you contemplate this magnificent $20,190 piece of audio jewelry." The jewelry in question is the Jadis RC JP80 MC Mk.II preamplifier, which MF compliments for "breathtaking" workmanship and parts quality. He also listens to the thing and reveals what some might consider the most important part: how it sounds.

From the May 2004 issue, Art Dudley reviews the ZYX R-1000 Airy S phono cartridge. AD notes, "This is the first product I've reviewed that contains cryogenically treated parts (that I know of)." This and other interesting details are explored in depth.

Brian Damkroger wires up with Nordost Valhalla interconnect & speaker cable, stating that "because Nordost's cables have been regular components of my systems for the past several years, it was only natural for me to audition their latest."

Finally, we have Robert Harley getting at the heart of digital grunge with "Noise, Modulation, & Digital/Analog Conversion." RH explains how a simple test can reveal a lot about digital-to-analog converters.