Added to the Archives This Week

More from the August issue: Larry Greenhill updates his system with the Mark Levinson No.436 monoblock power amplifier. LG says, "I was concerned when [Mark Levinson] discontinued its entire 300 series of dual-mono amplifiers, but the company reassured me that they had a suitable replacement in the No. 436." Greenhill decides for himself.

Paul Bolin wonders why you'd bet on the format war when you could have the Esoteric DV-50 universal player. But can you have it all and great sound too? Bolin says, "When the bean-counters are set aside and the engineering staff is unleashed, wonderful things can happen in even the largest of corporations."

John Atkinson takes his own advice "to be on the lookout for affordable products that sound better than they have any right to" and follows his ears to the Monitor Audio Silver S2 loudspeaker. Even though they cost just $750/pair, JA finds these speakers are impressive for all the right audiophile reasons.

Kalman Rubinson provides a followup on the Meridian Reference 800 player and Reference 861 preamplifier-processor that he first reviewed in February 2000. Rubinson notes, "This time around, things were different."

Finally, the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of April 1994: Under the Pink. Michael Ross likes what he hears.