Added to the Archives This Week

Amplifier of the year? We'll have to wait until the votes are tallied in the December issue, but Paul Bolin reviews the Halcro dm58 monoblock power amplifier and reveals what the fuss is all about. As Bolin notes, "the sheer audacity of Halcro's claims generated much curiosity and interest."

Michael Fremer was eager to get his paws on the Lumen White Whiteflame loudspeaker, in spite of its hefty price of $38,000/pair. MF says, "Rarely has the debut of a new loudspeaker company and its inaugural model created as big a buzz as did Lumen White and their Whiteflame speaker at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show."

RBH has been making speakers under its own label and for others since 1976, so John Atkinson decided it was time to check in on the RBH 641-SE loudspeaker. Although the company has been most successful in the custom installation market, JA writes, "RBH hasn't forgotten its two-channel roots."

Next, Chip Stern entertains us with follow-ups from the current issue for Joseph Audio's RM22si Signature and RM7si Signature Mk.2 loudspeakers.

Finally, the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of October 2002, Dave Alvin: Out in California. While others have often been more successful at rendering Alvin's tunes, Robert Baird says, "Out in California confirms that Alvin is now the man for the job."