Added to the Archives This Week

Sure, we review a lot of big-bucks equipment in Stereophile, but readers constantly remind us to try the cheaper stuff as well. John Atkinson does exactly that in his review of the Acoustic Energy Aegis One loudspeaker. As JA puts it, "Acoustic Energy has introduced the Aegis One; its price is one-tenth that of the AE1 in its current, Signature guise. Does the Aegis One live up to what its heritage promises? I asked the company's US distributor, Audiophile Systems, to send me a pair so I could find out."

Jonathan Scull requests that readers shut their systems down, remove their components and start drumming on the now empty equipment racks. Tryouts for a new audiophile percussion ensemble? Nope. In Fine Tunes #24 Scull wants to tighten up that rack resonance with a few sound tips.