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Robert Deutsch asks, "How can you tell an audiophile from a normal person?" RD's answer involves the name of the Vienna Acoustics Mahler loudspeaker, which Deutsch reviewed for the April 2000 issue of Stereophile. Deutsch writes, "I find Gustav Mahler's music to be on the ponderous side, but when I heard the Vienna Acoustics Mahlers at HI-FI '99, I was sufficiently impressed that I began the process of getting a pair for review." The results of his careful listening are not ponderous at all.

ProAc's speakers have consistently found favor with Stereophile's writers, prompting Wes Phillips to go so far as to say the company's products are "touched by magic." With this in mind, Larry Greenhill takes a listen to the ProAc Response 3.8 loudspeaker to determine if the legacy continues. "What's going on here? My betters appear to have begun a tradition of positive—even gushing—reviews of ProAc Response loudspeakers. I had to see for myself," writes Greenhill who files his comprehensive evaluation.