Added to the Archives This Week

From the October 2004 issue, Larry Greenhill reviews the REL Studio III subwoofer, explaining, "Determined to experience sub-bass in my listening room, I arranged with REL's US importer, Sumiko Audio, to audition their largest subwoofer, the Studio III."

Also from October, Paul Bolin diverts a bit of time to check out the Siltech G5 Classic Cables. "The G5 Classics use a proprietary geometry called X-balanced Micro Technology, which, according to Siltech, makes the G5s the quietest cables, with the lowest distortion, to be found," expains PB.

Six years ago, Shannon Dickson extensively reviewed the alluring Sonic Frontiers Transport 3 CD transport & Processor 3 D/A processor, noting, "In spite of Sonic Frontiers' admirable track record, I was surprised at the ambitious scale of their new designs, most visible in the radical look of the Transport 3 and its iris-ported disc-loading mechanism, but even more impressively apparent under the skin of the Processor 3."

Back to a recent issue and Art Dudley's Listening #22. According to Dudley, "Some men have a natural tendency to make things that are impressive, and that often goes hand in hand with making things big." AD takes a look at and a listen to the rather large Galibier Quattro Supreme turntable.