Added to the Archives This Week

First up is Stereophile's 2000 Products of the Year. This is an important resource for readers, and Stereophile editor John Atkinson has once again decided to post this oft-requested article in our online archives in the same month the original appears in the paper edition.

Next we've got Michael Fremer's review of the Infinity Prelude MTS loudspeaker. MF writes: "The brand seemed to founder for a while as Infinity's speakers didn't catch fire with the core audiophile market. Then someone made the decision to carefully rebuild the Infinity franchise as a premier line of innovative loudspeakers. Serious corporate assets were invested in design talent and technology." Fremer carefully judges the striking-looking $8000 Prelude system and shares the results.

Finally, we have Robert Deutsch's follow-up review of the PS Audio P-300 Power Plant with MultiWave from the December, 2000 issue, which we have added to the original review from December, 1999. "The Power Plant was such a success in the marketplace that most designers would have been content to leave the design unaltered and devote their energies to developing new products," writes Deutsch. But Paul McGowan has added a significant new attribute to the already successful P-300, and Deutsch explores the results.