Added to the Archives This Week

"No doubt about it—Linn's top-of-the-line Komri loudspeaker is a queer-lookin' duck," says Jonathan Scull as he set up a pair in his listening lair. The claimed frequency response for the Komri extends out to 40kHz. "Why even bother going out that high, where even the most beautiful of women cannot hear?" J-10 explains why.

Larry Greenhill listens to the seventh iteration of Peter Snell's Type A flagship loudspeaker, the Snell Acoustics XA Reference Tower loudspeaker. "I first heard the original Snell Type A 22 years ago, at the Listening Room in Scarsdale, NY, when I was introduced to its tall, thin, bearded designer," says Greenhill who charts the speaker's current progress.

John Atkinson's dogs may be tired, tired, tired, but nothing can stop Stereophile's dogged editor when it comes to discovering great sound at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Did he find anything new to be added to "Recommended Components"? In his latest "As We See It," JA tells us what The Best Value in Audio may actually be.

In "Fine Tunes #46," Jonathan Scull comes clean with a laser lens and then revisits the controversy surrounding Silver Conductive Grease. J-10 also reveals his favorite contact cleaner.

Finally, the next installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of April 2002, Trio Mediæval: Words of The Angel. Robert Levine suggests, "If you like Anonymous 4, you're in for a real treat: These three women have astonishingly beautiful voices, with individual timbres that nonetheless mingle seamlessly."