Added to the Archives This Week

For "Fine Tunes" #17, Jonathan Scull presents readers with the ultimate bachelor-pad mod for speaker stands: shiny black trash bags. More important, Scull investigates why we even try these things in the first place.

"When I describe the Thiel CS7.2 to friends, the word that gets the biggest reaction is 'simple.' Veteran audiophiles protest, nonaudiophiles just glance at the 5'-tall speaker, smile sympathetically at Bonnie, and roll their eyes." In his review of the Thiel CS7.2 loudspeaker, Brian Damkroger explains what he means by "simple," and how it applies to Thiel's seasoned approach to engineering.

In addition to Brian's review of the Thiel CS7.2, we include his "Room Tuning: ASC Tube Traps & the MATT Test" sidebar. Brian reveals how he used expert advice to tune his room for the Thiels: "First, we concentrated on getting smooth overall response and good, even articulation. Then we dialed-in depth, dimensionality, and ambience." He goes on . . .