Added to the Archives This Week

In his review of the Velodyne Digital Drive DD-18 powered subwoofer, Larry Greenhill comments, "When I've tested other 'breakthrough' subwoofers, I've been disappointed. All the convenient fine-tuning in the world won't matter if I end up with the same nasty old room modes and woofer bloat." But as LG discovers, the DD-18 is indeed different.

Stereophile's multichannel music maven, Kalman Rubinson, checks out the Fosgate Audionics FAP V1 surround processor/preamplifier. KR writes, "No Dolby Digital, no DTS—just Dolby Pro Logic . . . . But the more I thought about it, the more interesting a prospect the FAP V1 seemed."

Next, we have Art Dudley's Listening #18. AD decides to tackle unconventional audio technology, stating, "For every 10 or so outright howlers, a product of unconventional technology comes along that actually works." Dudley attempts to seperate the righteous from the ridiculous.

Finally, we have Jim Austin's "As We See It" from June, Vinyl Value. Austin explains,"I was drawn back to vinyl not, as many audiophiles are, by a desire for the best possible sound, but by the flood of used classical LPs out there waiting to be bought at bargain prices."