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Tweaks can rear their pointy little heads in the most unexpected of places, as Stereophile's inimitable Jonathan Scull discovered recently when he stubbed his toe. In Fine Tunes #33, J-10 reveals the floor screw tweak and many more.

Next, Scull indulges one of his audiophile fantasies and reviews the C.E.C. TL 0 CD transport. As J-10 writes, "One summer day, a large, heavy box arrived with the instrument contained within. Kathleen and I unpacked this minimalist and striking ode to contemporary Japanese design and engineering, and set it up." But was this a fantasy fulfilled?

As Robert J. Reina points out in the March, 2001 Stereophile, "Michael Creek has been quietly designing high-quality, musical, and affordable integrated amps in black-metal boxes for nearly 20 years." Reina examines the company's latest flagship, the Creek 5350SE integrated amplifier, and experiences the results of two decades of audio evolution.