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After a frustrating late-night duel with evil recording gremlins, JA called it a day. But the next morning he was back at the controls to record Canadian pianist Robert Silverman for what would subsequently become one of Stereophile's popular audiophile recordings: Intermezzo: Works for Piano by Brahms. In Intermezzo: The Santa Barbara Sessions, writer Thomas Norton runs down the key events that finally resulted in a completed analog master tape, with engineering from Water Lily Acoustics' Kavichandran Alexander.

With almost eight years of hindsight, it's now easy to observe that the MartinLogan Aerius loudspeaker has secured its place as a successful audio product. However, John Atkinson, reporting the view from October 1993, wrote that "when I read Sam Tellig's enthusiastic prose about MartinLogan's new baby, the Aerius, I was intrigued. Could the Kansas company have successfully blended thoroughbred electrostat and dynamic donkey to get the best of both breeds?" Results from 1993, 1997, and 1998 are all included in JA's and ST's exhaustive analysis.