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Back in 1979, most of us had never seen a digital audio product, much less heard one, but J. Gordon Holt knew what was coming: "The beginning of 1979 saw the introduction of the first samples of what will finally, after 79 years of supremacy, lower the curtain on the mechanically-traced disc: The digital recording." In "High Fidelity at the Crossroads," Holt looks at the new twinkle in Sony's eye and makes some sage observations.

What gives---John Atkinson reviewing $249/pair speakers? JA does indeed put the audiophile screws to the PSB Alpha A/V loudspeaker, a product that has earned a special place among budget-conscious tweaks. But can such a modest package live up to its hype? JA explains that "as I am looking both for beer-budget speakers to recommend to beginning audiophiles and for speakers that can grace my office desktop, I requested a pair of the A/Vs for review." His careful analysis awaits.