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With multichannel DVD-Audio just around the corner, the surround-sound debate among audiophiles is starting anew. But how far have we come with surround sound in 30 years? J. Gordon Holt wrote "Bye Bye, Quadrifi?" back in 1971, in which he explored the same dilemmas faced by today's audiophile.

"One thing you have to understand: If you don't have ground, ya gotta get it!" exclaims Jonathan Scull in "Fine Tunes" #23. Scull offers sage advice involving RadioShack wire and water pipes for those living in renovated buildings.

When reviewing the EgglestonWorks Andra loudspeaker back in 1997, Wes Phillips wrote: "The Andra is such a completely personal design statement that it would be futile to try to describe it using the typically reductive drivers/loading/crossover model. Better to eavesdrop on its designer as he muses upon its evolution and construction . . . " WP's detailed exploration of the speaker and the man behind it awaits.