Added to the Archives This Week

First up, from the November, 2000 issue, is the Hovland HP-100 preamplifier. Michael Fremer writes, "While the HP-100 is Hovland's first publicly traded audio component, it is . . . the fulfillment of what's been Robert Hovland's goal all along: to bring such a product to market. Or so I was told. It's just taken 'some time to get it all right.' Given the company's history of more than 20 years, that sounds like an understatement." Fremer offers his sonic assessment.

Next, we've got Wes Phillips' review of the Mark Levinson No.39 CD player. Phillips writes: "To think of the No.39 as a single-box CD player is to miss a lot of Madrigal's thrust in designing it. It is, of course, a one-box player utilizing a tremendous amount of the technology developed for the Nos.36 and 37 separates, but the company didn't just build a pared-down version of its most commercially successful processor and transport." To find out what they accomplished instead, check Phillips' review.

Finally, we have Jonathan Scull offering more tips to get that soundroom under control. In Fine Tunes #29 readers send in their suggestions while J-10 and the experts respond.