Added to the Archives This Week

With the April issue of Stereophile, the "Recommended Components" list is again on its way to subscribers' audiophile homes around the world. But there has always been controversy surrounding the popular feature. George Reisch explores the problem in "Recommended Components"—the St. Hubbins' Syndrome!

The name "Circe" comes to us from ancient Greek legend. But, as Wes Phillips asks in his review of the Acarian Systems Alón Circe loudspeaker, "What's the audio connection?" In the legend, Circe was able to cast a spell upon Odysseus' crew. Phillips explores whether or not the loudspeaker is able to live up to its name, noting, "certainly that seemed the case at HI-FI '98 last June, where the sound in the Acarian Systems/Cary room was the talk of the Show."

As Martin Colloms writes: "Great things should be expected of this speaker." Which is no trivial statement when describing the $38,900/pair Wilson Audio Specialties MAXX loudspeaker. Great things might include a life-like dynamic range, an even tonal balance from one frequency extreme to the other, and precise, yet natural, sonic imaging. But as Colloms points out, "meeting all of these requirements is no trivial engineering task."