Added to the Archives This Week

Kal Rubinson gets right to the point: "I am biased: On very little evidence, I remain convinced that, in the near future, high-quality music reproduction will be multichannel." The Meridian Digital Theatre surround-sound music system is therefore a product that puts Kal's vision to the test. Kal details the system, which consists of two DSP6000 front L/R speakers, one DSP6000C center-channel speaker, two DSP5000 speakers used for surround, the Reference 800 DVD/CD player, and the Reference 861 System Controller. But does the Meridian system live up to his expectations regarding the potential of surround-sound for music?

Also this week, we have another in Jonathan Scull's very popular "Fine Tunes" series. With a little help from AudioPrism's Victor Tiscareno, J-10 explains the secrets of creating the ultimate dedicated AC line with the least amount of money. Hot tips and more await in "Fine Tunes #11."