Added to the Archives This Week

From the May 2002 issue, Michael Fremer positions the Odeon La Traviata loudspeaker in his listening lair, writing, "Interest in super-efficient, horn-loaded, compression-driver loudspeakers has grown in the past few years." But as MF finds, horns may not always do the trick.

Next, Robert Deutsch listens to the Aerial Acoustics Model 7B loudspeaker and files his report for the July 1999 Stereophile. "I've heard speakers that I knew to be top-notch performers sound dreadful at audio shows and in dealers' listening rooms. But not the speakers from Aerial Acoustics," says RD, as he tries them in his own room to good effect.

Also from July 1999, Paul Messenger looks for "just right" with the help of the JMlab Mezzo Utopia loudspeaker. PM notes, "Loudspeakers are all about balancing conflicting variables," as he looks for the perfect blend.

Finally, the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of August 1993, Mahler: Symphony 10. Richard Lehnert says, "Eliahu Inbal has turned in a performance of [Deryck] Cooke's First Performing Version . . . that sounds more like Mahler than any other recording."