Added to the Archives This Week

Brian Damkroger listens long and hard to the Primare D30.2 CD player noting, "Primare is reluctant to provide much technical detail about their designs, preferring to let their products do the talking." So after a little chatting, BD files his report.

For vinyl fans, Art Dudley auditions the Audio Note M2 Balanced Phono preamplifier. AD writes, "The M2 has come up for redesign, resulting in a product that not only nips at the M3's heels but comes close to tying the race."

Next, we have Brian Damkroger's concise review of the concise Placette Audio Remote Volume Control passive preamplifier. BD explains that whenever he placed the Placette in his system, "three things always occurred." Read what they were.

Finally, we have David Lander's interview from the June issue, Tom Jung of DMP: Making Musical Sense. Lander traces how the man responsible for recording "Surfin' Bird" in the early 1960s ended up establishing an important audiophile label. Jung also discusses PCM stress and the problem he had with the first DSD recorder.