Added to the Archives This Week

As Robert J. Reina writes, "I have a passion for great speaker designs at affordable prices, and with modern driver, crossover, and cabinet technologies making innovative strides, many serious high-end speaker designers are turning their attention to coming up with the next great budget speaker." At $649/pair, is the PSB Image 4T loudspeaker it? Reina divulges the results of his aural examination.

Chip Stern is concerned that the upgrade path can sometimes be made steeper by components that combine multiple functions in a single chassis. But in his review of the VTL IT-85 integrated amplifier, Stern finds that sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.

Finally, we present another of George Reisch's insightful "Undercurrents" pieces, Reviews, "Recommended Components," & Metaphysics. Reisch wanders into the audiophile agora and grapples with the inductive leap as it relates to audio reviewing.