Added to the Archives This Week

For "Fine Tunes" #16, Jonathan Scull offers sage advice on handling the often ephemeral problem of microphonics in audio systems. "So here I am expounding on the tendency of audio components—especially tubes, capacitors, and resistors—to become microphonic, and you're wondering how you can find out if there's any of that shakin' goin' on in your system. And you want to do it easily and for next to nothing," he sez. The solutions await.

For 26 years, the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival has brought more than 50 internationally renowned musicians to Santa Fe for six weeks in July and August. John Atkinson and Wes Phillips were there in 1995 to record the action, later released as a popular Stereophile CD. This is their story.

As a bonus this week, we've also added scads of readers' letters to Markus Sauer's "God is in the Nuances" essay, plus "Happy New Audio Millennium," John Atkinson's thrashing of the modern-mastered CD Supernatural, by Carlos Santana.