Added to the Archives This Week

"Is there anything genuinely new under the audio sun?" asks Michael Fremer as he describes the technology behind the T+A V10 integrated amplifier. "For the most part, industry cynics say 'No,'" MF remarks, "claiming that most new amplifier designs merely rehash well-worn circuits. [But] T+A developed a new circuit for the V10 that it calls the SPPP, for 'Single Primary Push-Pull.'"

Kalman Rubinson settles in with the Nagra DAC D/A processor, asking, "Why would anyone think about spending $10,000 or more for a DAC to play standard "Red Book" 16-bit/44.1kHz CDs?" Perhaps, suggests KR, there's more to uncover from those old-fashioned CDs than people suspect.

Next, Brian Damkroger likes what he sees and hears with the Cary Audio Design 303/200 CD player, noting, "The coup de grace is the CD-303/200's transport mechanism, a Philips CDM12, which is good enough as is. Cary's addition of a thick, machined drawer warmed this metallurgist's heart."

Finally, we have Robert J. Reina's take on the Usher Audio Technology Compass X-719 loudspeaker. BJR got a call from Robert Deutsch at HE 2003: "You've got to check out these new speakers from Usher Audio in Taiwan! They have a number of models within your $1000 and under budget." Reina takes RD's advice and turns in his report.