Added to the Archives This Week

Back in September of 1986, the KEF R107 loudspeaker represented the flagship of KEF's much admired Reference Series. Dick Olsher and a variety of other Stereophile scribes profile this important audio achievement over the course of five years, wrapping up with Tom Norton's 1995 review of the R107/2 "Raymond Cooke Signature Edition."

"Energy had their own room at the January '93 WCES," writes Thomas J. Norton in his review of the Energy Veritas v2.8 loudspeaker. "Veritas, of course, means truth. And 'truth' seemed an apt description, based on my brief exposure. I left the room muttering something about 'best sound of the Show.'" Norton takes the speakers home for a detailed audition.

To complement TJN's review of the Veritas, Robert Deutsch reveals the man behind the speaker with John Tchilinguirian: Energetic Speakers. RD reports that Tchilinguirian is a "not-even-thirtysomething engineer whose enthusiasm for anything involving speakers is exceeded only by his pride in the Veritas."

John Atkinson goes to the dark side? In his "As We See It" from January 1994, I have heard the future of audio...and it is digital, JA explains that he's finally heard something that changes his attitude a bit . . . or more precisely, 20 bits.

Finally, the next installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives: Recording of November 1998, Various Artists: Los Super Seven. "Supergroups often turn out to be anything but," says Robert Baird. This time it works.