Added to the Archives This Week

It was 15 years ago this week that an enthusiastic John Atkinson was lured From London to Santa Fe to take the helm of Stereophile. As JA recounted back in 1986, "From London, England, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a pretty big jump, both geographically and culturally. From Hi-Fi News & Record Review to Stereophile, however, is a mere hop; the similarities overwhelm the differences."

Next we have Chip Stern examining the Philips SACD1000 SACD/DVD-Video player. Stern finds that even at $1999, the first SACD machine to provide six channels of sound as well as play standard video DVDs may be an audio bargain. Kalman Rubinson comments on his experience with the SACD as a music-surround source.

Featuring "unique" class-A circuitry and sporting impressive specifications, can the Lamm Industries L2 Reference preamplifier live up sonically to its hefty $16k-plus price tag? Jonathan Scull puts the sonic screws to this unusual combination of high-voltage tube power supply and high-voltage MOSFETs and reports the results.